Not every Pest Control Company uses the same products.

Our professional uses the safest products and would always make recommendations that are best suited to each particular situation, with an emphasis ALWAYS on SAFETY and effective protection of premises, its contents, and our environment.


Weather is always a primary concern for us! Wind and rain are two main factors that determine our ability to spray! We hope that after reading this page it will further help you to understand our ongoing preventative services (on exterior-done unscheduled).


QUESTION: Does rain wash it off ?

ANSWER: No. Actually some of our products like Suspend SC for example; has been extensively tested under numerous harsh and rainy conditions. Microencapsulation is the key to residual longevity and lasting protection.


QUESTION: Can you spray even with rain coming the same day?

ANSWER: Yes, the key is drying time. We stop spraying approx. 4 hrs ahead to give it dry time. Once it is dry it is effective for you and we guarantee it. So we can spray with confidence. Even if it pours that night, it will continue to repel and protect. You can relax!


QUESTION: What is your policy when you are weather delayed?

ANSWER: You can count on service on the next available sunny and calm workday. We avoid servicing on weekends, unless absolutely necessary, because there would be a slightly higher charge for weekend work. We will not skip you unless you reschedule for a specific date or time, at your convenience. As always, we are within E.P.A. guidelines in all of our decisions. 

QUESTION: When and how will these services be performed?

ANSWER: ENVIRO-PRO, will provide these services on an unscheduled basis; weather permitting or as pest activity demands. Our exterior applications is done unscheduled and is applied by a truck mounted power spraying unit, spraying a band up to 20 feet wide; to the eves, siding, and foundation. Treating the exterior prevents pest from finding their way inside your home. Since everything is done on the outside, you don't have to be at home while the treatment is being done or schedule any additional appointments. The treatment won't harm your shrubs, flowers, lawn or siding, and helps to control most common pests that can be an annoyance or even cause damages.

Children, pets and adults should be kept off the treated area until surfaces are dry (usually 30 minutes).

Once surfaces are dry, IT IS SAFE.

ENVIRO-PRO, guarantees to provide any additional services needed as requested between regularly visits at no additional charge.


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